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At Technokleen we offer a wide range of services to cater to all your cleaning needs. Our specialised cleaning professionals combined with our top of the line equipment will bring you the highest quality results to leave you smiling with satisfaction.

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Still have queries? In case of any concerns or queries, feel free to give us a call on 1300 553 889 or write to info@technokleen.com.au. We will get back to you to discuss how we can assist you.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Technokleen provides a broad spectrum of highly professional cleaning services in Melbourne. We offer a complete range of efficient cleaning solutions that encompasses both domestic and commercial cleaning. Technokleen has the most credible team of commercial cleaning contractors with over 26 years of experience serving a variety of clients.

We have worked with companies of all sizes and no matter the scale of the requirement or the type of cleaning needed, we are well-positioned to offer an excellent outcome. If you have been looking for experienced cleaning contractors in Melbourne, speak to our experts today to discuss your requirements regarding commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

At Technokleen, we believe that a clean premise can make a huge difference to the overall well-being and productivity of your staff. A welcoming space can boost the morale of your employees and visitors and set a positive brand image. If you are looking for reliable commercial cleaning services in Melbourne, Technokleen is your one-stop destination. Our commercial cleaning services are highly result-oriented and we guarantee a substantial upgrade to your health and safety standards.

You can count on us for offering a superior cleaning service that imparts a pristine look to your space. As your trusted cleaning service partner, we take every care to understand your unique needs. With our cleaning services in Melbourne, you can concentrate on other vital areas of your business. It is our endeavour to provide a smooth experience to all our customers. We design efficiently managed solutions and procedures to deliver exceptional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne.

Experienced and Reliable Cleaning Contractors in Melbourne

Our service is valued for its flexibility and quick response time. As a leading provider of cleaning solutions, we have a thorough understanding of your needs and are committed to offering service that you can trust. Technokleen is the most reliable and trusted commercial cleaning contractor providing customised solutions tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements.

The quality of our service is evident from our track record and our cleaning contractors ensure that the cleaning service is designed to suit your needs. We have succeeded in delivering consistently high-quality service to our clients and have always focused on adhering to exacting standards in terms of quality, health and safety.

Our cleaning contractors are honest and friendly and will offer results to your satisfaction. With our specialist knowledge, we are aware of the cleaning methods that will best work for your space and always make use of the latest and most efficient cleaning technology. We value your time and the cleaning service will be planned based on your convenience.

If you have any specific concerns or would like to find out more about our service, get in touch with our cleaning contractors in Melbourne.


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The Need For Melbourne Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining an impeccable workplace is essential for the success of any business. A brand is judged by its image and the presence of a clean space can immensely work towards building a positive image for the business. It reflects your attention to detail and the high standards of service offered by your business. A hygienic environment also enhances the efficiency of your workforce. This implies that maintaining high standards of cleanliness at your premises is essential for establishing a positive brand reputation.

Avail Efficient Cleaning Services in Melbourne

At Technokleen, we understand your need for an immaculate facility. We know that maintaining the perfect space can be a challenging task. It is our goal to simplify the task of cleaning for you by offering detailed and top-notch cleaning solutions. We have the expertise and state-of-art equipment to handle various cleaning needs. Our trained professionals take every care to offer results that exceed expectations.

Complete Range of Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Right from cleaning industrial and commercial premises to cleaning domestic premises, we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions to all our customers. Technokleen is the most established and highly recommended cleaning contractor in Melbourne because of our multi-dimensional approach and our ability to resolve the most complex issues.

Our comprehensive array of cleaning services includes the following:

We first understand your cleaning requirements and then come up with an appropriate cleaning solution that precisely addresses your needs. Our contract cleaning specialists carry rich experience. So, they will sit with you and discuss your cleaning requirements and then go ahead. Such an approach ensures maximum results.

Customized Cleaning Services for Superior Results

We understand that every business is different. The commercial cleaning requirements also vary from one business to another. For this reason, we strictly do not follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Catering across a wide array of businesses and industry sectors, during our tenure, we totally understand that clients appreciate flexible services that are adaptable. Consequently, no matter what industry sector your business is into, we can provide you with customized cleaning solutions.

Our professionals begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your requirement. Following this, we design a plan that will best fit your business need. This enables us to offer a cleaning process to your complete satisfaction.

Our service is unrivalled and we are constantly engaged in the process of discovering better solutions. Our eagerness to evolve has enabled us to emerge as the leading Melbourne commercial cleaning service provider.

A Highly Competent Cleaning Team

Our cleaning contractors in Melbourne strive to deliver services of highest value to you, regardless of the size of your business or the service that was chosen. We employ the latest equipment and procedures to provide a clean and healthy environment. Our professionals take utmost care in ensuring that there is no damage to your furnishings during the cleaning process. Your safety is of paramount importance and we use chemicals and techniques that are completely safe. If you choose to avail of our service, be sure of receiving an outcome that creates a lasting impression.

By offering quality service and maximizing customer value, we have achieved continuous growth and longevity. We are an Australian-based company specializing in facility management and maintenance. We have specialized teams for explicit cleaning needs in both commercials as well as domestic settings.

Wide Industry Experience

Being in the industry for over two decades now, we promptly offer quality cleaning services that are second to none. Besides, while we stress safety, we also strive to provide you with utmost satisfaction through a detailed cleaning solution that is efficient and cost-effective. Our services of warehouse cleaning across Victoria and builders cleaning across Melbourne are extremely efficient and ensure bespoke results. Whatever your requirement, with our wide cleaning capability, we can handle all tasks with ease.

Why Choose Us

  • Comprehensive cleaning solutions
  • Trained cleaning professionals
  • Affordable cleaning service
  • Customized plans
  • Attention to detail
  • State-of-art cleaning methods

Get In Touch with Us to Know More

Our friendly team will be glad to offer help. Whatever your cleaning requirement, feel free to get in touch with us. You can give us a call on 1300 553 889 or write to info@technokleen.com.au. Feel free to discuss any issues or doubts. We will get back to you to discuss how we can assist you.

With our service, you can ensure a clean and healthy environment for your customers and employees.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Yes. And Pressure washing is one of the easy, quick and most effective ways to get rid of stubborn mould and mildew as well as preventing bacteria from regenerating.

Depending on the severity of the bacterial growth, a special cleaning solution may be required as a stain remover concentrate. The detergents we use are eco-friendly and can produce up to 11 gallons of cleaner, that's sufficient for cleaning up to 3,200 sq. m.

Most pressure cleaning companies base their rates on time and materials. In other cases, they charge by the square meter, with different charges applying to different surfaces — some surfaces require more care, time and effort than others.

Travel and set-up times are also factored into the overall costs. Typical quotes are in the region of:
● $150 for 1-30 sq. m
● $180 for 40 sq. m
● $200 for 50 sq. m
● $325 for 100 sq. m

For specific areas that require more time, material and effort, the rough guide is:
● $200 for a driveway
● $150 for patio paving
● $350 for the exterior of your home

Roof cleaning can affect your final bill, depending on the pitch and size of the roof. High pressure roof cleaning start from $2 per square meter for metal or concrete tile roofing. Some cleaners will charge by the hour, with around $40 per hour being the average rate.

To get a free cost estimate, contact us at 1300-553-889 or email us at info@technokleen.com.au.

If you're pressure washing for the first time, here's some things you should know:
● set aside at least an entire day for the task
● wear protective clothing that can get wet, or are waterproof, including goggles, gloves, etc.
● sweep the cleaning surface clear of debris and excess dirt
● protect walls, windows and doors using a plastic sheeting and painter’s tape
● read the manual thoroughly to understand special preparation, assembly or attachments, specific pressure washer and nozzle
● prepare eco-friendly cleaning products which will have minimal impact on the environment or paint

For safety issues:
● never use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder
● never point the pressure washer at anyone or use it to wash your hands or feet
● make sure to unplug extension cords and close the covers on all outlets
● keep living things away, this includes children, pets and plants (plants that are part of the landscape can be covered with a sturdy plastic)

Steps to pressure washing:
● take a couple of steps back and do a practice run at a low section of a floor
● move the wand evenly from side to side
● keep moving closer until you find the perfect distance
● for walls and steps, work from the top down so dirt drips onto sections that haven’t been cleaned yet
● don’t linger too long on one spot, it can gouge the material or damage the siding

For a free estimate, contact us at 1300-553-889 or email us at info@technokleen.com.au.

In most cases, cleaning a wooden deck or fence do not require any detergent or cleaning solution, just water will do. But, for materials like concrete and metal, which can turn greasy and slippery at some point. Here's the pretreatment you will need:

For degreasing the surface – Spray greasy concrete with a bottle of spray degreaser. Keep a distance of 6 inches from surface. Then scrub degreaser into concrete with a stiff brush or an attached pressure-washer tool.

For mould/mildew surfaces – Protect hands with safety gloves, then mix a batch consisting of one-part bleach to 10 parts water. You can dab with a sponge or use a garden sprayer to apply the bleach solution. Avoid spilling bleach solution on shrubs and other landscape plants. Let sprayed detergent sit on surface for about 5 minutes before you start using the pressure washer.

It depends on the housing materials. Painted sides and walls will get damaged with a powerful pressure washer. But, stucco or stone, can handle higher pressure levels. For house washing, it also depends on the nozzle you choose, nozzles with smaller radii are more intense, while larger radii distribute the water more evenly and broadly. Test it out on the lowest pressure setting possible first. For cleaning wood sidings or decks, use the lowest setting first and then gradually increase depending on the hardness of the wood. Always move in the direction of the wood grain and in wide sweeping motions, while holding the nozzle about two feet away from the wood surface. For driveways, garages and anything made of concrete, it can handle 2000+ psi, but test out in a smaller corner before proceeding to clean the entire area.

For help with complete pressure washing your residential area, including roof tops and sensitive walls, contact us for a free estimate at 1300-553-889 or email us at info@technokleen.com.au.

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