end of lease cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

We have been doing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne for over 2 decades, and we never miss out on the areas that concern landlords and property managers.

Our detailed end of lease cleaning service comes with 100% bond back guarantee, which means we’ll clean until your landlord is fully satisfied with the results.

Technokleen has fully trained professionals on board that use modern cleaning equipment to clean better and faster. We are available 7 days a week, and we can also provide same-day cleaning assistance at zero additional cost. So, feel free to give us a call in the morning should you need your property to be cleaned by the evening.

We specialize in real estate and vacating clean-ups by performing highly detailed and precise quality-check. Our team is trained and experienced in cleaning a vast range of properties in accordance with the real estate standards. So, we are here to ease your burden of cleaning your property before it goes back to the real estate market as a top choice.

Our end of lease cleaning is comprehensive and budget-friendly. We Offer:

Interior Cleaning

When it comes to vacate cleaning, we start out with the property’s interiors and work our way through patio towards outdoors. Our interior cleaning covers bedrooms, hall, balconies and several other portions that catch dirt and filth on a daily basis. With detailed interior cleaning, we help your property sparkle from the inside so that the next tenant is ready to move in right away.

Here’s what we cover under our services:

  • Carpets vacuum – we pull out deep-seated dirt from your carpets and also disinfect them thoroughly to prevent pest infestation. Your carpet will be sparkling new in no time and ready to be used by the next tenant that moves in. We use advanced vacuum cleaners that extract maximum dirt and debris without damaging the fibre.
  • Tile, timber and vinyl flooring sweep/mop – Clean and sparkling floors make for the majority of our objectives. No matter the kind of floor your property has, we have the tools and expertise to clean them to the highest standard.
  • Removal of smudges and dust from skirting, doors, switches – Grime build-up on doors and switches is a major turn off. Therefore, we pay close attention to every nook and corner: switches, corner stands, wall fixtures and everything in between.
  • Cleaning all window ledges and sills – poorly cleaned windows are more annoying than the ones that are dirty. We make sure your windows are squeaky clean, with a streak-free shine that stays until the next tenant moves in.
  • Blinds feather duster – Blinds act as a filter between your property interiors and the external world. As a result, they gather dirt quickly, especially if your property is located just off the street. We dust and wipe-clean your blinds to remove cobweb, dirt and grime altogether.
  • Cupboards, shelving and drawers wipe – if your property has built-in cupboards and shelving system that need to be cleaned, we can help. After vacuuming dirt from the cupboards and the shelves, we aim to restore their shine, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Quick sweep of balcony – balcony is one of the most neglected areas, especially when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, but our cleaning experts make sure none of your balconies go unattended. A quick sweep and mop in the balcony is all that is needed to convince the landlord of your responsible behaviour.

Kitchen Cleaning:

When it comes to vacate cleaning, kitchen is one of the most difficult areas in any home. There are grease splatters and grime build-up that are hard to clean using everyday cleaning techniques. Even if you clean grease splatters and grime daily, you leave a certain amount of residue that adds up over time and rears its ugly head when you vacate your kitchen. Fortunately, our end of lease cleaners provide thorough kitchen cleaning that will make you go from ‘Urrgghh’ to ‘Aha’ real fast.

  • Range hood and filter – this appliance gathers 95% of the kitchen grease and grime and thus, gets dirty quickly. We degrease the range hood and wipe clean filters to restore their novelty.
  • Oven door and oven interior – ovens tend to get greasy and grimy due to everyday use. We can clean years of grime in a couple of minutes, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are really effective and work faster than their chemical-based counterparts.
  • Grill wiped – we can clean barbecue grills, burner grills and even the ones of a microwave oven. We do not use harsh chemicals on anything that comes in direct contact with food items. All our kitchen cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and highly effective in removing grime and grease from the grills.
  • Grease-freeing pans, chrome rings and stove to leave a sparkling kitchen and a happy landlord behind. Most tenant-landlord disputes escalate from a dirty kitchen, and we can certainly strike out that possibility by cleaning important appliances that fall in the plain sight and even the obscure ones.
  • Cabinets, shelves, drawers, doors, pantry and bench tops – there’s nothing we do not clean. Our builders cleaning melbourne experts are trained to pay attention to every minute detail so that every nook and corner of your home is cleaned to the highest standard.
  • Sinks and taps easily gather mineral-deposits which are difficult to remove with regular household cleaning and home-made solutions. Our vinegar-based cleaning solutions cut through the mineral-deposits and restore the shine on your taps and sinks, without eroding their finish.
  • Sweep and mop vinyl or tiled floors – we can sweep and mop all types of floors, even underneath the carpets, to make them look as if they are newly installed. We do everything we can to remove moss, food spills, pet odour & urine stains, etc. from the floor while deodorizing to eradicate the filth completely.

Bathroom / Laundry Cleaning:

The difference between regular bathroom cleaning and end of lease bathroom cleaning is immense. When you vacate the property, your bathrooms should look as if they have been scarcely used before. Such level of cleaning can be achieved through exhaustive bathroom cleaning, which is an important part of our bond cleaning services. Leaving your bathroom in tip-top condition is the sure-shot way to get your full bond-money back.

    • Sinks and laundry trough – we can wipe down moulds and mildew to leave your bathroom sinks and laundry trough sparkling like never before. We avoid using harsh chemicals on your ceramic/stainless steel sink so as not to erode the finish.
    • Toilet bowl cleaning – Flushing the toilet several times is not the answer to a dirty toilet bowl. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected in order to make it ready for the next family that moves in. We use the best toilet bowl cleaning solutions that make your toilet go from shabby to shiny in minutes.
    • Bath tub, shower screens and wall tiles cleaning – removing soap and mineral deposits completely, giving them a fresh appeal while making sure their finish doesn’t get affected. We use cleaning solutions that are specifically made for cleaning tiles and similar surfaces. While toilet cleaning solution is also an option, that may erode the finish of tiles; hence, we never consider that option for your tiles, for any reason whatsoever.
    • Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and polished to the highest standard so that there’s no need to replace them in the foreseeable future. Polishing enhances the life of the fixtures and delays corrosion and mineral deposits.
    • Cupboards, drawers and doors wipe – It’s important to clean bathroom vanity and doors, as this could be one of the reasons behind your bond money stuck with the landlord. While we clean your bathroom, we make sure we do not leave any corner untouched. We clean your bathroom vanity inside and out, and in case there’s pest infestation or mildew build-up due to moisture, we can quickly arrange for the expert treatment.
    • Hard dust wiped and removed from every nook and corner of your bathroom and also from underneath the bathroom mat, around the toilet bowl and exhaust. We would clean and even scrape hard dust and grime if we had to – anything to make your bathroom sparkle like never before.
    • Sweep and mop of vinyl or tiled floors – once you vacate your bathroom, we mop the floor and give it a blow-dry to prevent foul smell and mildew build-up due to moisture. Your bathroom will feel as fresh and fragrant as newly built.

Technokleen has become a household name for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our bond cleaning services are designed to meet the individual needs of landlords and tenants alike.

Are you planning to move out and looking for an end of lease cleaning expert in Melbourne? Your search ends right here at Technokleen. Call now to book an appointment, at your convenience.