High Pressure Washing in Melbourne

Need efficient high-pressure washing services?

High-pressure washing is an effective and efficient way for cleaning your commercial or home premises. This technique with pressure washing service in Melbourne not only removes deep dirt and stubborn stains but can also help keep the flu and other viruses from spreading, ensuring the people around stay healthy. Technokleen provides you with the most efficient pressure washing services in Melbourne with the help of a highly-skilled and experienced team that provides customised and innovative solutions to remove the toughest of stains.

At Technokleen, we offer quality pressure washing services and builder cleaning services that ensure unmatched cleaning. The water used in this kind of high pressure washing is hot, which means, it destroys fungus and bacteria while also preventing them from regenerating. These are just a few of the important factors worth considering.

During these trying times, if you’re in need of power cleaning and disinfecting your footpaths, pool decks, parking garages and any other areas of your commercial or residential property with high-pressure washing in Melbourne, give us a call on 1300 553 889, or email us your power washing requirements today at info@technokleen.com.au.

Get Rid of Stubborn Dirt and Grime with Pressure Washing in Melbourne

Pressure washing offers an efficient way to clean surfaces of both industrial and domestic environments and involves the use of pressurised water. There are various types of pressure cleaning equipment available and at Technokleen, we make use of the most advanced ones to offer exceptional results. With this powerful tool in our arsenal, our high-pressure washing and cleaning are also sometimes known as water jetting or water blasting.

Our high-pressure washing equipment is highly sophisticated and promises great results by removing tough stains in the minimum amount of time. The equipment is highly efficient and uses less amount of water compared to other equipment available on the market. Our technicians know how to get the best of this equipment by using the correct settings and ensuring proper maintenance.

Being concerned with the environment, along with using powerful cleaning equipment for our services, we use environmentally safe cleaning agents in the hot water. This system produces the finest and fastest possible results. We carry a rich industry experience of over 20 years. In our tenure, we have successfully helped numerous commercial, industrial and residential property owners in restoring the functionality and aesthetics of their buildings. Just take a look at the numerous high-pressure washing service projects we’ve completed.

You will notice that our services have been used for power-cleaning numerous places, objects and materials including, but not limited to:

  • Pavers
  • Concretes
  • Exposed aggregates
  • Driveways & garages
  • Roofs and patios
  • Factory flooring
  • House/building exteriors
  • Gutters

If you are planning to sell, lease or rent your property, our high-pressure washing is the ideal solution for all your cleaning requirements. The biggest advantage of our pressure washing service is firstly the speed with which dirt is removed and the ability to decrease oil and other mechanical components on the surface with ease. Our use of heated water in our pressure washing kit breaks down contaminants at the molecular level, allowing tough stains to be extracted from porous surfaces. It also easily separates the bond between debris and the surface, the result is faster removal and more thorough penetration. Your property will regain its original charm, thus generating an increase in market interest.

Additionally, our high-pressure washing service outperforms even in other applications such as:

  • Heavy equipment cleaning
  • Paint/coating removal
  • Ice dam removal
  • Automotive parts washing

Refined Pressure Washing Techniques for Better Results

At Technokleen, we use refined high-pressure washing techniques. This ensures maximum cleaning for almost anything and everything with no fuss and in an extremely short period of time. With our aim of offering great services at the best value, we make sure our techniques are abrasion-free. This makes them suitable for cleaning and restoring multiple kinds of surfaces and instantly restores their visual appeal. Our high-pressure washing is engineered to cater to exterior building wash as well as hard wall cleaning.

High-pressure washing is much more than just making areas look cleaner and better. Being environmentally concerned, we make sure our cleaning materials and ingredients are 100% non-toxic, thereby contributing to the general health of the public. Our professionals are well trained and have vast experience in handling high-pressure washing equipment by following certain procedures preparation such as:

  • Setting up high PSI pressure machine, often petrol driven
  • Special detergent or cleaning products that are environmentally-safe
  • Long and short brooms and brushes
  • Thick protective latex gloves
  • Protective sheeting to prevent damage to surrounding areas
  • Painting tape
  • An extra-long garden hose
  • Concrete or paver sealer

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

Right from the built-up mould or dirt, to an aged driveway, almost anything can be cleaned using our pressure washing services. In order to serve you better, we also offer quality services of warehouse pressure washing as well as commercial cleaning across Melbourne. Taking it yet another step further, we also take care of all aspects of corporation cleaning and maintenance services.

Technokleen ensures the best commercial pressure cleaning services by performing regular quality checks and constantly updating our equipment. We provide regular training to our staff and encourage them to think out of the box to prepare them for tough situations. That is the reason we are the most highly recommended company providing commercial pressure cleaning.

Quality Pressure Washing Services & Excellent Customer Service

We assure you our services have never fallen short in providing bespoke customer services. Our cleaning professionals will promptly sit with you, listen to you and analyse your cleaning needs before offering any suggestions which are cost-effective and thorough.

If you have more questions about high-pressure washing services in Melbourne, feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 553 889 or drop an email at info@technokleen.com.au. Our friendly staff will ensure that all your concerns will be addressed. We look forward to serving you better.

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