Pallet and Crate Washing Melbourne


Professional and Reliable Pallet and Crate Washing in Melbourne

Pallets and crates are almost a ritual in the hospitality business. Given how frequently they come in direct contact with your products, it’s important to ensure they are clean at all times.

Technokleen offers HACCP certified professional pallet and crate washing service. We wash and dry an array of reusable transit packaging such as crates, pallets, trays and boxes.

Today, many hospitality businesses use in-house pallets. With our customised pallet washing in Melbourne, we assure you of clean and hygienic pallets.

We take great pride in the fact that we are the only pallet washing company in all of Victoria.

Good Hygiene is Good for Business

For any operation that requires sanitary conditions or handles food, pallet and crate washing is an important safety procedure. It’s good for business too no matter your application or industry.

Keeping your pallets and crates clean helps you to prevent the outbreak of foodborne diseases or other contamination that could result in liability issues and damage your reputation on the way.

Further, by keeping your plastic pallets and crates clean, you can extend their life and also improve workplace safety. Built-up grime, dirt and grease shorten the life of your pallets and sometimes can even result in unsafe handling conditions.

Get Your Pallet and Crate Washing Solution Right with Technokleen

Asset utilisation is critical. Moreover, it is important to ensure your reusable transit packaging is commercially feasible. Your reusable pallets and crates must be washed and sent back to the supply chain quickly.

Then there’s the need to ensure your quality and hygiene standards are maintained.

At Technokleen, we provide a safe solution to ensure your crates and pallets are free of dirt, mould, spillage stains and contamination. We also recognise that drying is an integral part of washing to avoid product damage when crates and pallets are refilled with new products. We are here to protect your reputation and deliver a reliable service.

We provide pallet and crate washing solutions for a variety of business in the food industry including meat producers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, supermarkets, dairy producers, mushroom suppliers and bakeries.

We also work with manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronic industries.

Professional Pallet and Crate Washing Services

Our high-spec, state of the art container cleaning machine made of stainless steel allows us to deliver reliable results every time.

It can wash, dry as well as disinfect containers of all sizes and types. Using this specialised equipment, we can deliver consistent results for some of the leading hospitality brands across Victoria.

Why Choose Us

  • We wash your pallets and crates to the highest standards.
  • Customised washing service to suit your requirements.
  • Quality assured washing services.
  • Long, medium or short contracts – your choice.
  • Completely scalable to meet sudden demands.
  • Assured savings
  • Assuring the work with certificate of Assurance under HACCP standard.

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Companies across Melbourne save thousands of dollars every year through our premium create washing service. At Technokleen, we are able to enhance the life of your reusable packaging allowing you to minimise wastage and do your bit to the environment.

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